Jessica is a professional dancer, she has a passion and strong understanding of the body and how it should be taken care of. She likes to involve this into her therapy by gauging exactly what the client may need. Jessica approaches her sessions with a bubbly yet relaxing presence to all her clients here at StretchLAB.

Jessica’s Words: “My aim is to improve flexibility over time and after each visit seeing a visible improvement. As well as this, I like to let clients use the session to mentally relax and use the time to really centre themselves and feel like they’re ready for the day ahead afterwards.

Stretching the body has been a huge part of my life from being a professional dancer so I want to help people strive for the goals they have and be able to see progress after each session you have at StretchLab.”

Credentials: StretchLAB Stretchologist Proprietary Training
Level 6 diploma in Dance and Musical Theatre (Performers College)
“Mamma Mia” the musical (Allure of the Seas)


Kindall uses her knowledge in movement and Dance Science to help each client understand their body further. She focuses on enhancing mobility through stretching to help the whole body come back into balance.

Kindall’s words: “The body is a complex organism; therefore, we must learn how and why it works, especially for recovery and general wellbeing. We all deserve to have a healthy, functioning body and the first place we can start is by getting to know our own.”

Credentials: MA Advance Dance Studies 
PG Dip. Dance Science 
Contemporary Dancer 
Certified GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® Trainer 
Kinetic Chain Release Therapist
Dance, Movement, & Barre Teacher
StretchLAB Stretchologist Proprietary Training

Up Next: Anatomy Training Workshop: Neurovascular Release for the Jaw and Head with Kirstin Schumaker


Marcus is a professional Dancer/ Performing artist from Perth, Western Australia. Marcus applies his 15 years of professional dance training and anatomical knowledge into all his flexibility practices, both assisted stretching and self-stretching
Marcus’ Words: “Being a Dancer has shown me the importance of sustaining a mobile flexible body. Naturally I was not gifted with hyper mobility, thus through my years of dance & flexibility training I progressively learnt how to access more control over my body’s movements. My goal is to apply my knowledge of controlled self-stretching to assist clients in obtaining healthy flexibility results. Stretching is a journey and Being at StretchLAB UK I continue to learn methods of improving flexibility for my personal performance abilities & aspirations, whilst sharing this with clients.”Stretching the body has been a huge part of my life from being a professional dancer so I want to help people strive for the goals they have and be able to see progress after each session you have at StretchLab.”
Credentials: Bachelor of Arts Dance (BA) Distinction – West Australian Academy of Performing arts. StretchLAB Stretchologist Proprietary Training Masters of Arts Dance Performance (MA) – Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.
Up Next: Further academic anatomical studies, the expansion of my personal self-stretching brand, applying my knowledge of body control into my performance work and future screen & stage projects.


As a working professional dancer, Vinani has a grounded understanding of the body and loves finding new ways to incorporate this into her therapy. Vinani has a relaxed yet uplifting feel to her sessions. When she’s not performing on stage or behind a camera, she loves channeling this energy with her clients at StretchLAB.
Vinani’s Words: “My aim is for you to end the session feeling refreshed and energised both physically and mentally. I strive to create an experience that although relaxing at the time, will leave you feeling like you’re ready to conquer the world by the end. With years of professional dance training, stretching is such a huge part of my life. I’ve experienced all the highs and lows but I know how great it feels to recognise improvements with your flexibility, so I love seeing clients progress through their stretching journey and reaping the benefits of it!”

Level 2 Gym Instructor (YMCA fit)
Level 3 Personal Training (YMCA fit)
BA (Hons) Degree in Professional Dance and Musical Theatre (Urdang Academy)
StretchLAB Stretchologist Proprietary Training


Head of Social Media & Marketing / Stretchologist

Giovana has an energetic style and aims to push people to their full capabilities. Being in the performing & fitness industry for over 20 years, Giovana has knowledge on the impact the industry has on the body and ways to overcome it.

Giovana’s Words: “As a professional trainer, my aim is to guide people towards a healthier & happier lifestyle. Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations.  My form of therapy helps improve flexibility and to help in influencing you to make more mindful decisions when it comes to your own body.

Credentials: Certified Level 2 Fitness Instructor & Level 3 Personal Trainer.
ISTD Dance Teacher, Diploma in Yoga Training, BA Hons Professional Dance & MT
StretchLAB Stretchologist Proprietary Training


Studio Manager / Therapist
Jasmine (StretchLAB Studio Manager) has a cool and calming presence. Her therapy style is truly unique, fundamentally merging the art of Thai Massage with Stretch Therapy.
Jasmine’s Words: “My aim is to encourage and inspire self-love, self-awareness and balance throughout the body, with synchronised breath, movement and touch. My love for Thai Massage and Stretch Therapy evolved from my love of yoga. Being able to stretch and assist someone personally into deeper ranges of movement is very rewarding for me.”

Credentials: VTCT (ITEC) Anatomy Physiology, Pathology & Massage Level 3 (London School of Massage)
CPD Stretch Massage Therapy (London School of Massage)
90 Hour Comprehensive Thai Massage (Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai)
200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training – Vinyasa/Ashtanga (Sampoorna Yoga, India)
StretchLAB Stretchologist Proprietary Training