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Having trained in professional musical theatre and dance, a passion for movement, health and well-being has always been the driving force of both Ronny’s personal life and career. Diving deeper into the more spiritual side of movement she completed her yoga teacher training in 2019 and has been practicing / teaching yoga regularly. My sessions are guided by the breath and she can personalise a stretch directly to your own individual needs 200 hour yoga teacher training (Yoga London)
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Aaren is a student physiotherapist and has been working as a fitness instructor for 6 years. He is patient, observant and meticulous. A bad posture never escapes his eyes and he can design exercise programmes and rehabilitation, implement manual therapy, including sport stretches and massages. He is very motivating and through his encouragement clients overcome many difficulties.

Certificate of Stretching Exercise – Ep – Fitpro
Sports Medicine Series – Clinical Anatomy & Exercise Design Certification – MYO Sports Clinic
Foundational Anatomy & Postural Analysis Certification – Hong Kong Corporis
International Personal Trainers & Fitness Academy Certification – IPTFA
International Personal Fitness Trainer – IPTA
Fitness Training Foundation Certification – AFICE
Certificate of Functional Training Efficiency – Ep – Fitpro
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Sharon’s athletic background in football and boxing has allowed her to understand the synergy between movement, timing, rhythm and one’s overall control of their physical body. Following many years of high impact sports, training and coaching experience, Sharon realised the lack of emphasis that is actually given to the importance of stretching and recovery for the average human body (besides top level athletes.) Having this knowledge and its impact, she is now passionate about sharing conscious recovery to improve overall fitness and wellbeing, thus enabling a consistently healthier and active lifestyle. Her coaching experience allows her motivating nature and patience for clients to be fluid throughout her sessions.


Polly grew up training and competing as an international level gymnast and is now a professional circus artist. She’s gained years of practice surrounding stretching and flexibility and brings all this knowledge to her sessions to create a unique experience for her clients.

“Flexibility has always been a big part of my life and my work so I know the benefits it can have on the body and your day to day life. My aim is to create a relaxing environment and to help your body reach new levels of flexibility and mobility. Together we can work on progressing your stretching journey and reaching your own personal goals.”


Guy Charles is a Personal Trainer, and Flexibility Technician focusing on wellbeing, post-rehabilitation and functional ability.

“No matter which category you’re in, you deserve to live, work and play in a body that is performing at its full potential”.

Muscle Energy Technique (John Gibbons BodyMaster Method) UK Medical Exercise Specialist (Medical Exercise Training Institute ) USA Into The Stretch (Stretch Therapy) UK Fascial Movement Taping (Rocktape) UK TRX Suspension Training (Fitness Anywhere) UK Active Isolated Method (Maximum Performance International) USA Personal Trainer Certificate (Equinox Fitness Training Institute) USA


Delwyn has a background in Pilates instruction and brings her love of Anatomy and Physiology alongside Pilates to her stretching style.

“The Pilates principles or breath, precision, concentration, control and flow, foster a deepened awareness of the anatomical and spiritual mind-body, whilst nurturing a balance of strength and flexibility. It is these elements that inform my approach as a Stretchologist.”

StretchLAB Stretchologist Propriety Training
Level 3 Diploma Mat Pilates YMCA Awards, CIMPSA, HFE
Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology YMCA Awards


Jasmine (StretchLAB Studio Manager) has a cool and calming presence. Her therapy style is truly unique, fundamentally merging the art of Thai Massage with Stretch Therapy.


Giovana has an energetic style and aims to push people to their full capabilities. Being in the performing & fitness industry for over 20 years, Giovana has knowledge on the impact the industry has on the body and ways to overcome it.


As a working professional dancer, Vinani has a grounded understanding of the body and loves finding new ways to incorporate this into her therapy. Vinani has a relaxed yet uplifting feel to her sessions. When she’s not performing on stage or behind a camera, she loves channeling this energy with her clients at StretchLAB.


Marcus is a professional Dancer/ Performing artist from Perth, Western Australia. Marcus applies his 15 years of professional dance training and anatomical knowledge into all his flexibility practices, both assisted stretching and self-stretching


Kindall uses her knowledge in movement and Dance Science to help each client understand their body further. She focuses on enhancing mobility through stretching to help the whole body come back into balance.
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Rachelle has a background in sports massage therapy working with individuals from various professions. She is passionate about using different modalities to benefit the bodies anatomy and physiology, and is an student osteopath. With her technique she has accumulated over the years, she aims to have you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Diploma in Massage (ITEC) Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy (ITEC) Table Thai Massage (LSM) Rocktape Level 2