Jasmine (StretchLAB Studio Manager) has a cool and calming presence. Her therapy style is truly unique, fundamentally merging the art of Thai Massage with Stretch Therapy.


Giovana has an energetic style and aims to push people to their full capabilities. Being in the performing & fitness industry for over 20 years, Giovana has knowledge on the impact the industry has on the body and ways to overcome it.


As a working professional dancer, Vinani has a grounded understanding of the body and loves finding new ways to incorporate this into her therapy. Vinani has a relaxed yet uplifting feel to her sessions. When she’s not performing on stage or behind a camera, she loves channeling this energy with her clients at StretchLAB.


Marcus is a professional Dancer/ Performing artist from Perth, Western Australia. Marcus applies his 15 years of professional dance training and anatomical knowledge into all his flexibility practices, both assisted stretching and self-stretching


Kindall uses her knowledge in movement and Dance Science to help each client understand their body further. She focuses on enhancing mobility through stretching to help the whole body come back into balance.


Jessica is a professional dancer, she has a passion and strong understanding of the body and how it should be taken care of. She likes to involve this into her therapy by gauging exactly what the client may need. Jessica approaches her sessions with a bubbly yet relaxing presence to all her clients here at StretchLAB.